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We use time-honored recipes to make the comfort food of your dreams.


Freshly made and full of flavor, this is Southern cooking the way it's supposed to be done. 

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 Our Story 

Robert Carey Food Group started as all great things do: with a passion for good of food!​


We're passionate about sharing our love of southern cuisine with our community, and we always love welcoming new friends to the table.

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Robert Carey Food Group creates delicious, gourmet Southern food. We use only the best ingredients, and we never sacrifice quality, flavor, or taste.


Carefully made, each serving is prepared fresh by our dedicated team of culinary wizards. We encourage you to bring our food home and to share it with family and friends.


Trust us: you won't regret it.


Creole Cheese


Our Cheese biscuit is a take on the classic southern cheese straw. We blend the finest cheese and spices and top each one with a perfect pecan half before baking. A great grab and take snack that everyone is sure to enjoy. 

Bobby Lee's Cheddar Cheese Dip

This is our first and flagship product. High-quality cheeses, roasted walnuts, and fresh ingredients, always handmade in small batches.  An unmatched blend of texture and flavors.


Lace Cookies

Gluten-free oats, flour, and sugar - an old-world, timeless classic of sweetness. Delicate, crisp, sweet, and buttery, these treats are like toffee, with a caramelized taste and crunch.



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